It's Not Autism, It's Medical Error
"A Portion Of All Proceeds Will Be Donated To Autistic Charities"

One of the greatest days of my life was October ninth two thousand one. That was the day my baby boy was born, an event that was equal to my own life. Everything was very pleasing with my son whose name is Socrates, but we as family and friends call him sokk. He always played as a child, running around, pushing toys, jumping up and down. Many times he would start small children conversations with his family and other people as well. The most precious thing for me as a father, which I will never forget is when he was running through the house and entered my bed room, stopped and looked up at me while I was talking with someone.

It really amazed me how receptive his mind was. As I was talking, Sokk was into the conversation, eyes wide open, almost as if seeing a new toy and full of joy as he was learning. At that time I looked at the other party and looked back toward my son Sokk and I made a comment, ohhh he is so nosy and at that time he looked up at me drew his little head back, placed his hands on the side of his hips and smiled very beautifully before he responded back. Then he said “Dad, I am not nosy” and then he crawled into my bed.

As time proceeded my son would be talking, playing and doing all the things that you would expect a normal child to do. My family and I as well as many others began to notice there were changes in my son. He started talking less until there were no more words. He stopped playing with his toys and he started carying his toys in his hands. Another thing I noticed was that he didn’t roll or throw a ball anymore He wouldn’t catch anything that was thrown to him and this made me very concerned.

At the time he was approaching three years of age. There were many things a child his age should be doing that he had just stopped doing... for instance:

  1. He would not paddle a bike in order for it to move.

  2. He would not catch a ball, pillow or anything at all.

  3. He would not watch TV.

  4. He stopped running and would only walk when asked to.

  5. Playing with others stopped.

  6. His focus became a stare which made him seem if he was blind.

  7. He would not respond to noises or the call of his name.

  8. When wanting him to look at something, we had to take the object to him or turn his head in the direction of the object.

  9. He would sit and look into space day after day.

Talking to Sokk was painful after that because the last thing I recalled him saying was “Dad I am not nosy.” It was so funny the way he did his body and after that, then he crawled in the bed with me and hugged me.

After all these things started to occur, we knew we had to take action to find out what the problem was. We made many different appointments seeing many different doctors because the doctor who vaccinated him had moved to another state. He was my son's pediatrician in North Carolina. I felt very alone having a child with this condition and no one in my life that knew anything about medication.

I found another doctor who checked out my son, but said he was healthy. We knew better than that so we kept searching until we came to the conclusion that we needed to find a specialist. The first specialist directed us to another and then to another and another. This went on for almost a year until one doctor told us that Sokk had autism.

Learning about medication and it's dangers, medical laws and most of all how to use the computer to do research about my child's condition. I had to learn what I was looking for and how to assist my child. I learned to read up on the medications that were being administered to my whole family, but most of all to Sokk, my baby boy. I have gotten to know Doctors, lawyer, nurses and people who thought their child had the same condition as mine, but had something a little different. With study and research I feel I have gained much knowledge with regards to the functions of medications as they are being presented to the people of the world from one country to the next.

I think I have proof of the affects of vaccines to a child and it's dangers.

The dangers of vaccines:
  • Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup

    Part of my research began with my own three children born in 1992 who were administered their medications at the same time (two of them were twins.) Both of the twins were diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, but other than that they were just normal children.

    After many many months of research, I found very few answers to my questions. That's when I promised myself and my baby boy that I would find the reason for his dysfunctional condition, but most of all I wanted to find a cure or at least some treatment that would begin to bring him back to his former self.

    Pushing all of my pain and anger to the side was a challenge, but I had to do it for Sokk. The word "autism" with it's conditions and effects, is something that will hurt my family for the rest of our lives. Each of us had to find a way to deal with this problem on different levels because our emotions were affected in different ways.

    I can’t express or explain how others feel about this on going process, but I new that I had to be strong. Knowing I had been a failure at many things, going forward I needed to do my best at being a winner for my son. I was determined that I was going to find a way to help him like my life depended on it. My son did not ask to be one of the statistics of the human race and I was more than ready to dedicate my mind, heart and soul at finding a way to beat this problem.

    I had no money, so I played the role of the ignorant father in order to get answers from those with knowledge. My questions seemed very simple to me, but as I spoke to people with medical credentials, you would have thought I was speaking a foreign language. The people we hold up so highly because of their medical studies didn't seem as smart as you would have thought. With most of my questions still unanswered, I began to see what I could find out for myself about certain things such as: autism, mercury, varicella vaccine, the medication route, but most of all the Hyperbaric Chamber.

    I learned that autism can happen when a doctor's medication so overwelms a small child's immune system that the child doesn't recover. These negative effects can be caused by a medication such as Vermicelli Vaccine, PVC1 or PVC2. This is what I believe caused my boy to turn out the way that he did. We aren't the doctors, we are just the parents who place our trust in the ones who are supposed to know what is medically best for our children. How were we supposed to know this would happen?

    The varicella vaccine was introduced to the US in 1995. The following are the records of my twin boys with the same DNA who were born in 1992 as well our other son, Sokk born in 2001. You will notice by comparing the medical records of my twins who were excluded from Varicella, PCV1 and PCV2 with Sokk who had to edure them all:

    During my research, I was hoping to come up with a theory that made sense to me. Could it be that when medication or narcotics are administered in the wrong way, it could affect the chromosomes of the patient.

    After studying the charts below, it became apparent that Sokk didn't just have 46 chromosomes like everybody else; Sokk had 46, but also a small part of an extra chromosome.

    Could this have been caused by medication?

    Around 1995 when the varicella vaccine was introduced in the US, some experts were concerned that the vaccination for chicken pox might have negative side affects.

    Linda M. Mandy, MD

    The varicella vaccine is first administered at a minimum of age 12 months. The second dose is usually given from age 4 to 6 years, but sometimes earlier.

    Beginning the deep study of two children with the same DNA, chromosome and genetic background. The chromosome charts shown below are what each parent should consider before allowing a doctor to put any medication or vaccine into the small frame of a child.

    These are my son's chromosomes. The arrow points to the
    extra partial chromosome which should not be there.

    Same as above, but at a different angle.

    This is my son's chromosome chart.
    You can see the extra chromosome at number 19.

    Because of what happened to my child, please study your child, but most of all the doctor. My doctor harmed my child and my child is left with the results of wrongly administered medication.

    The 21st chromosome is associated with downs syndrome, but the 19th chromosome is where the extra part of the chromosome appears for Sokk. Many children who are fine from the start, develop autism after immunization shots.

    The varicella vaccination, which may cause autism and can result in brain damage, has to be considered the number one danger to children.

    Searching and seeking for assistance for the results and affects of hyperbaric chambers... Chance was in my goal, but the chance included myself. As I always said if anything good happens let it happen both of us and if anything bad happen we will go through it together.

    We found out about a biomedical doctor who treated a patient that I knew personally, but the doctor never knew I had contact with the patient and the patient never knew that I was aware of his daily trips to a hyperbaric chamber.

    The cost of the chamber is extremely high and finding one was very difficult, but the search was worth it.

    GOD has put help in my way at finding many things just as I know my angel is in my corner.

    The chamber which has helped Sokk can be seen below:

    So please view the walk through of the chamber:

    With the assistance of the hyperbaric machine the results have been outstanding, but still there is a long way we must go and I will be there until there are changes, so follow me on my quest for changes. I know this is something that medicine is the cause of and please parents be more alert now, before this happens to you as it did to me. This is the machine which will be used for my project. The oxygen level is at 1 (one) which is the starting place for any person who has never used this method.

    The results of the hyperbaric chamber at level 1 (one) made changes in my son which were very noticeable. Going through many sessions in the chamber and it's after affects, it only brings hope to my heart. Now since then, the sessions have been prolonged, we are at a balancing point and the results are at a stand still. As time proceeds, thoughts continue to grow with the words what if, what can, can I, how much? And with these questions, we continued with the hyperbaric chamber by elevating the oxygen from 1 to 1.5 which is much more. First the doctor must confirm the level before my son and I enter the chamber. Before starting, my recommendation is to detox the body.

    Once you start using a hyperbaric chamber, it must be an ongoing process. You should start with 1.3% oxygen for three (3) to five (5) months. The next step is to recognize when the positive affects balance out, which means if there is no more change after a certain time frame, to decide if you want to continue for higher results. Results for me were noticeable and highly favorable. My theory is if the body was poisoned by medication through the blood stream with live viruses, how can I get the poison out. The high quantity of oxygen being pushed through the body kills many live pathogens and then helps to push them out of the body. The oxygen level can be changed, but fear is a apart of the process as my son and I enter the chamber. Before the next level accrued in my mind, I noticed the things my son started doing. His focus became sharper, his attention span was increased and was more open. He was able to pronounce some words but accrued mostly the flat tongue words since his tongue is weak and must be exercised. He began responding to us and when asked to do things, he understood and we are working on many more things.

    Sit and watch as my son and I enter the hyperbaric chamber, but before my entering I must say that the results in myself have been very profound and satisfying. The susceptibility is something never felt by me before in my life. Never did I suspect the result to be as amazing as it is, but time will tell, and as of now the benefits have been mostly with my son. With the assistance of the chamber, I expect to see higher and higher benefits. Follow me through this journey as we enter the hyperbaric chamber from the start and finish. With the study I have made of genetics and chromosomes, I thank God for helping me in my long search. Doctors in this field were almost impossible to find because there are only two in the state of North Carolina. So I found one and made an appointment which was pretty easy since I was informed not many people are searching for a chamber like I was. As you look at the PARKE CYTOGENETICS LABORTORY - CAROLINA MEDICAL CENTER charts there is an arrow which points to a small square which is a fourth (1/4) extra chromosome. The human body should only have 46 chromosomes 23 from the father and 23 from the mother. So where did this extra chromosome come from, how did it get there and what are the ramifications of it?

    With the study of my children who all three had the same shots and who all three had ADD and ADHD, one of the medications which was developed in another county, was dismissed by that country and sold to the United States in 1996.

    At that time, my first two children who are twins and my third child Sokk took most of the same shots. Now if you look a little closer at the year of birth and time of medications, my twins records indicate that everything was fine. Sokk's chart shows something a little different. Notice Sokk's year of birth and the extra three shots he recieved that triggered his autism. Are our doctors using young children as Ginny pigs? As we have all noticed, from the year 2000 autism has exploded off the charts, but prior to this autism was a very rare disease.

    But with my studies, it takes oxygen to push medication or better yet poison out of the body which is injected by doctors. This is one thing that I will never forget and that is that doctors just "practice" medication. Always get a second opinion.

    History: We requested genetic consultation with Sokk's doctor when he was 7.5 years old because of a history of autism and a chromosome abnormality.

    PERINATAL HISTORY: He was a full-term infant born to my wife. She had no exposure to medications, smoking or alcohol. She apparently had a normal amniocentesis during the course of her pregnancy. Sokk was delivered at Union Regional Medical Center by cesarean section with no complications at delivery. Birth weight was 8 pound and length was said to be normal.

    MEDICAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL HISTORY: The doctor followed Sokk for his regular pediatric care after he had been administrating medication but unexpectedly relocated. Immunizations continued until he was 18 months of age, and they were discontinued after he was two years after noticing a decline with the child. He is now being treated with Adderall for ADHD and clonidine for sleep. He has no history of allergies to medications or food. He has had no hospitalizations. Now he does not sleep well. He was talking and developing normally until he was 18 months of age, and after immunizations he regressed. He no longer talks, does not catch a ball, and at first was like a zombie. He occasionally will use a word now but uses words rarely.

    Sokk was initially seen for neurological evaluation by the doctor on 01/2007. At the time it was noted that he has autistic. He documented the decline in his progress after he received his 18-month shots. He was entered into the TEACCH program in 06/2005 and at that time also had the initial diagnosis of autism. He did a number of tests including CBC, CMP, led, ferritin, TSH, free T4, fragile X testing and chromosome 17, resulting in partial trisomy for chromosome 17. This was a mosaic marker. Other tests done at that time were relatively unremarkable with no definite abnormalities noted. An MRI scan was done on 02/2007 and it was normal. A sleep deprived EEG was apparently done at that time and was also normal. Once the chromosome results were obtained, we asked the doctor to look at the genetic study again.

    IMPRESSION: He is a 7.5 year-old young man who has a long history of autism, and he lost some developmental abilities after 18 months of age. We attribute those to immunizations he received at the time. He was referred for genetic evaluation two year ago when this chromosome change was first discovered. This is his first visit with us. He clearly has autistic features, says no words, and is significantly impulsive. He was difficult to examine, but no other syndromic features are noted. This may be the cause of his developmental problems. His main needs now are developmental intervention and school based intervention.

    Chromosome analysis on cultured lymphocytes identified a small marker chromosome in 3 of the 30 cells examined (10%). The other 27 cells appear to be normal. Subtelomere fish analysis revealed the marker to be derived from the pericentromeric region of chromosome 17. Mixes 8 and 9 which have probes to centromere (aqua) and the short and long arms (yellow) respectively of chromosome 17 resulted in hybridization of the aqua probe to the marker. Three aqua signals were present in 54 to 200 interphase nuclei examined (27%). The subtelomere analysis was otherwise normal. The fish probe were purchased from Vysis/Abbott.

    One of the chromosome 19 homologues has a pericentromeric variant in which the dark centromeric band extends into the long and short arms. There variants are not generally familial and associated with adverse effects.

    As a parent I advise all parents to look into everything concerning medications, shots and the doctors the administer them. Because most working like myself can’t afford the cost of the hyperbaric chambers, personal doctors and the time it all takes. Some people have the backing, but most of us don’t, so be careful about the choices you make. Keep in mind that doctors are not bad people, but the practice of medicine is a life long task. However families like ours are the ones left with the results of medicine gone bad. Ours will be a life long fight which must go on until my son is back the way he was before!

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