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Life is filled with things of joy if you look, life is the vision as you want to see, but if you have not eyes for yourself, how can you see what is really there as the nourishment of life, which many have searched, but never knew what they were looking for.

As the nourishment of happiness is found many which is learning the greatest gift which is self. With that comes many utilities which I myself took to heart because all things crossed my mind as I said already were you there with the traveling I have been doing. Because with The World I Always Knew, standing back was all I could do.

Sitting still but seeing, feeling, hearing and with the ability to taste what was already there. Being with those four powerful senses which is a gift, but the missing of one was the reason of no completion, but there came a day that the wind blew the perfect measurement that caused me to tilt and fall forward, which made me know that The Only Cause Was Of You and my hand you're holding as it belongs to you while you continuously remind me with the opening of ever door and challenge that cross my destiny, but being who I am it give me strength to say Already Were You There.

As you can see, the fifth book is on it's way (SOON). So please enjoy and respond back as soon as possible and share your thoughts because if you were to look, you may be able to say the same as I have which is My Past Is My Future.

Book Titles:
The World I Always Knew
The Only Cause Was Of You
Already Were You There
My Past Is My Future

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