Motivational Speaker - Diamond Crystal Hayes
"A Portion Of All Proceeds Will Be Donated To Autistic Charities"

The World I Always Knew
A collection of evocative poetry…
By Diamond Crystal Hayes

Edgy and contemporary
Reveals the intense sensitivity and pain of the author
Filled with strong images and powerful themes
Through explorations of strained and failed relationships, loneliness, and insecurities, author Diamond Crystal Hayes tears away the veneer of appearances to reveal the isolating commonalties of human struggle. In the midst of it all, Hayes’ thoughtfulness is evident with deep-seated reflections that give the work its unique character and distinction. Filled with strong, affecting images, this evocative collection challenges readers’ complacency about their own lives, the world, and those around them.

The World I Always Knew reveals the intense sensitivity and pain of its author. The surreal language and isolationist view of the world forces readers to peer into the shadows and encounter the person behind the words, the one who feels driven into the darkness and finds solace there. Diamond Crystal Hayes presently resides in North Carolina and enjoys reading and writing poetry.

The realm which they never knew they had with review of other poets is wonderful, but the listening of yourself and following the heart help to create the best style of writing, which is your own.
We discuss the importance of reading and most of all the greatness of school and advance schools for adults. We also discuss poetry from beginning to end. While staying focused on personal and imaginative narratives. All activities are made to be fun and most of all motivational for all.

Presentation consists of:
Enhancing creative writing with students, teachers, and adults.
Importance of self techniques with more depth than creative thinking.
Excitement about learning, reading, and writing.
Ways to make learning in the classroom a fun activity at all times.

Time : 45-60 minutes per session
4 sessions per day
$000.00 Student workshop (total 4 session)
$000.00 keynote presentation (1 hr. session)
$000.00-$000.00 Staff development (45 min. to 1 hr. session)
Travel expenses are not included

Writing Workshops, and Staff Development, Creativity and most of all Motivational Speaker.

Diamond Crystal Hayes conducts writing workshops which is challenging to any age, while with the ability to motivate students and staff members to develop their thinking and writing skills, have to be successful with sharing
the knowledge with the colleges and University:

Serena H. Williams, Rock Hill School District Three of York County
Joseph C. Keenan ED.D Principal of Lancaster High School
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Dean
Janis S. Pendleton of Clinton Junior College
Superintendent Barry E. Campbell, ED.D School District of Chester County
Dr. E. Michael Sutton at Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC
Dr. Tony Medina at Howard University, Washington, DC
Dr. Simmon at Allen University, Columbia, SC
Dr. Peter Jackson at Benedict College, Columbia, SC
Dr, Ghusha Greene at South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC
Dr. King Godwin at Voorhees College, Denmark, SC

The book was also presented to the Presidents and Chancellors at:

New York University,
University of California – Berkeley,
University of Georgia – Athens Georgia,
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill,
Harvard University – Cambridge Massachusetts,
George Washington University,
Columbia University –New York,
Georgia Institute of Technology,
Northwestern University – Illinois,
Clemson University - South Carolina,
University of Chicago,
Yale University – New Haven Connecticut,
Princeton University –New Jersey,
Wake Forest University - Winston Salem North Carolina, and
Davison College – North Carolina, just to name a few

Diamond Crystal also works with various writing activities, including the use of narrative and imaginative. With the use of poetry Crystal helps students to finds their creative writing realm, which everyone has. With experience as an published author and writer, Crystal helps prepare people and students with writing skills, which is beyond their thoughts.

Crystal also provides staff development workshops on ways and ideas of how to motivate students in creative writing which can support you in your daily activities. Reading, writing and thinking consists of appropriate age which would be a greater presentation, Students, Teachers, and people would be able to develop expandable stories and ideas after the opportunity of tapping into their own creativity.